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In this year’s spiritual growth study, we’ll be exploring how all of us wear labels. We wear labels like husband, father, boss, but there are also other labels we wear that aren’t as obvious. Maybe it’s the label of feeling inadequate or worthless. Maybe’s it’s the label of success, sinner, or good kid. The point is, all of us wear labels, and these labels shape our life and decisions in more ways than we might realize. In this study we’ll be exploring how we can identify the labels that we’re wearing, how we can remove the false labels, and how we can wear the truest ones.

How You Can Get Involved:

  • Attend Every Sunday August 20 through September 24
  • Start a Group or Join a Six Week Group
  • Invite a Friend or Neighbor to attend on Sundays or join a group

How To Start A Group:

Whether you’ve participated in scores of small groups before or this is your first time, this quick, straightforward overview will help position you for success.

  1. Pray: One of the most important principles of spiritual impact is to realize you can’t do this on your own. No matter how long you’ve been a Christian or been involved in ministry, you need the power of the Holy Spirit. Lean on Him; He will help you.
  2. Invite Some Friends: Don’t be afraid to ask people to come to your group. You will be surprised how many people are open to a study like this. Whether you have 4 or 14 in your group, it can be a powerful experience. If you’re not sure who to invite, look at the last 3-4 people you called or texted and consider inviting them.
  3. Get Your Materials: You will need a DVD of the video teaching done by Pastor Greg. Facilitators should have received a Labeled DVD at the HOST information meeting. If you didn’t receive one, contact the Olive Branch Small Group Ministry to find out how to get a copy.
  4. Be Prepared: Just a few minutes a week in preparation can make a huge difference in the group experience. Each week spend some time praying for the group session, previewing the video teaching and reviewing the discussion questions. If you don’t think your group can get through all the questions, select the ones that are most relevant to your group.
  5. Love Your Group: Maybe the most important thing you bring to the group is your personal care for them. If you will pray for them, encourage them, call them, e-mail them, involve them and love them, God will be pleased and you will have a lot of fun along the way.

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Jr. and Sr. High students meet Sundays during the 11:00am service at the Youth Property (7471 Rudell Rd). Drop your teens off before church and they will meet you in the courtyard after service.

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