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No matter where any of us are on our journey of faith, there is always a “next step” that we can take to grow spiritually and progress forward in our relationship with God.

Resources and Next Steps To Help You Begin Following Christ

How to Give Your Life to Christ

Baptism – The act of water baptism is a public, outward expression that indicates a
personal, inward faith.

Starting Point – This is a ten-week, conversational environment that will help you
understand what the Bible teaches and why it is reasonable, rational, and sensible to believe it.

Tough Questions – Maybe you’re curious about Christianity and have honest questions
that you’d like answered. This is where you might find an answer or the beginning of a conversation to your question.

Resources & Next Steps to Help You Grow In Your Faith

Growth Resources – Maybe you have questions about tithing, prayer, or assurance of your salvation. These resources are designed to answer some of your questions and help you establish healthy spiritual habits in your life.

Beyond the Message – Take a moment and subscribe to this weekly devotional that is designed to help you explore and apply the truths presented in Sunday’s message.

Join the Community – At Olive Branch we desire to be a community of passionate Christ-followers, and small groups are the primary way we strive to create that community. We have groups meeting throughout Corona, the Temescal Valley, and other parts of the Inland Empire.

Church Membership – If you are beginning to realize that Olive Branch is the place you want to call home and you are interested in joining in church’s vision of “Changing everyday people into a community of passionate Christ followers,” you should consider attending the next membership class. This is a great place to hear more about where Olive Branch has been, where it’s headed, and what part you can play in that process. The membership class is made up of three class sessions and is normally offered at least once a quarter. If you are interested in attending the next membership class, you can sign up here.

Serve Others – God has uniquely designed you with specific gifts, abilities, and strengths. He wants you to use them to impact others—let us know if you’re ready to get started!

Sunday Services
8:00AM, 9:30AM & 11:00AM
with Nursery and Children's Services.

Jr. and Sr. High students meet Sundays during the 11:00am service at the Youth Property (7471 Rudell Rd). Drop your teens off before church and they will meet you in the courtyard after service.

Olive Branch Community Church
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Office Hours: 9am-5pm M-Th