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James Project

Our Mission

The James Project is a community of Christians committed to serving the local body, and our community through home repair and related services, to demonstrate God’s love. Home repair services are available to single parents, low income, senior citizens, special needs families, the disabled, and many others.

We’re a team of volunteers serving together in a large group for bi-monthly events. We usually need 30-60+ volunteers for these events. We appreciate if you sign-up, but drop-in volunteers are always welcome!

New upcoming project date is June 3, 2017

Bring your family, small group, friends, and neighbors! Let’s continue to love, live, and share Christ through this ministry!

We will be cleaning up Mary Folk’s yard, and Joelle will run the Mary Folk yard care team to maintain the property. Mary was a past recipient of the James Project, and has no one to help her. She is confined to a wheelchair, so she cannot maintain her yard.

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Mark Folk

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James Project Opportunities

The Director of this ministry is our wonderful Outreach Pastor Kevin Cain, and all questions regarding James Project should be directed to him on this form.

Here are some other opportunities to serve in James Project, and we would ask that you prayerfully consider these options:

  1. Home Repair Team – This team is led by Sam D’Afflito and goes out during the week about once or twice a month to do minor repairs and maintenance. The requests come in from widows, disabled, and people going through a difficult time financially. Contact Sam directly at axatech1048@yahoo.com or (845) 489-5328
  2. Yard Care (Mary Folk) – Joelle Brumbaugh has agreed to lead this team, and we need about 6 to 8 volunteers to get it started. Mary Folk was a recipient of James Project back in 2014 and is confined to a wheelchair. She has no family, and is physically unable to care for her yard. We are adopting her yard, and would like get a team to go out together to get the yard up to speed, then each person will take 1 or 2 months out of the year to weed and trim. If you are able to help this sweet lady please contact Joelle directly at: huskynumber9@ymail.com or (951) 741-6879
  3. Yard Care (Campbell Family) – The Men’s Ministry has come through to take care of the Campbell’s Yard for the next year, but if you would like to help this wonderful family and get in the roster once a year, then please contact Steve Campbell directly at: steve.r.campbell@gmail.com or (951) 751-4934
  4. Do you have a green thumb? Help us provide plantings for upcoming projects by cultivating plants from your garden. We are looking for just about all types of plants. If you like to garden, we could use your help! Take cuttings from your succulents, trees, and plants and get them growing! Let us know when they are ready for transplant and we will use them for one of our upcoming projects! Contact Nancy Anderson at (951) 733-9995 for details.
  5. Bakers Needed! If you enjoy baking, the James Project would love your help! We provide snacks to our volunteers to keep them hydrated and energized for the scheduled Saturday work days. If you would like to bake cookies or breakfast items for one of our events, please let us know! Our volunteers would appreciate your generosity and home baked goods! Contact Kevin Cain to sign up.

Thank you for all that you do, because without you the volunteers there would be no James Project!

Weekend Services
Saturdays 5:00PM
Sundays 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00AM
with Nursery and Children's Services

Jr. and Sr. High students meet Sundays during the 11:00am service at the Youth Property (7471 Rudell Rd). Drop your teens off before church and they will meet you in the courtyard after service.

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